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ASMS is committed to providing innovative and rigorous instruction that is technology-rich and provides students with hands-on, real world experience!

Core Education:

  • We believe every teacher is a teacher of reading and writing.
  • Teachers are trained extensively to embed literacy instruction in all content areas.
  • Every student receives daily instruction in Mathematics and Reading.
  • Reading and Writing strategies are put to work in a connected Social Studies Course.
  • Students needing additional targeted support in literacy and mathematics receive extra instruction - daily.
  • Staff use data from feedback and assessment to inform their instruction.


Teachers at ASMS use their collaboration period with colleagues to:

  • Discuss student performance
  • Review key data points
  • Create and modify curriculum
  • Share strategies, ideas and research innovative/high-leverage practices
  • Develop plans to meet needs of every student, every day
  • Ultimately, this allows teachers to effectively implement innovative projects to provide students with rich instruction and motivating curriculum


All students experience educational opportunities during field trips and enrichment programs.  Many of these experiences focus on helping students prepare and look forward to high school and college.

We offer students a wide variety of Related Arts options that include:

  • Music (Band/Orchestra)
  • Art
  • Sculpture
  • Engineering
  • Computers
  • Physical Education
  • Leadership Development
  • Second Language Programs

Service learning opportunities with community partners include working to restore our wetlands.  Students learn:

  • About native plants
  • Grow plants in greenhouses
  • Plant native species remove weeds
  • Effective restoration strategies